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<font size="4"><b><font color="Yellow">Post 1066  31/365 1/31/2014 - Picking up some Rum and Cigarettes! Back to Havana, Cuba… 

If you click to a larger image you can read the prices. "Ron" is Rum in Spanish.. the prices posted are in Cuban pesos which is about 4 cents equivalent to the US Dollar. You can do the math as to the prices that Cubans pay. When you consider that a medical doctor earns $30USD per month..that is why these prices must be as they are. More and more as there is increasing tourism in Cuba there is much more use of the CUC (Cuban currency with about a 1:1 equivalent to the USD and used by tourists) With prices posted in CUCs we were really concerned as to how the Cubans could afford many goods..and there aren't an abundance of 'goods' available anyway. Very hard life for these people. Very rare to see Cubans in restaurants for example. 

A few people have mentioned interest in traveling to Cuba.. You do need to go go through a legally licensed tour…usually a humanitarian, religious or cultural/educational type tours are considered. If you are interested in information for the tour we went with (twice)…you can just email me and I can connect you with him. 

Thank you so much for your wonderful inspiration, kind attention and great comments. I appreciate every one of them. We have some company this weekend and I'm shooting a maternity session so my time is limited, but I will try to browse when I can!  ~Hillary
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