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<font size="4"><b><font color="Yellow">Daily Post 1110 -  76/365   3/17/2014  - This is not quite what you think it is!

I was having trouble with Lightroom 5 tonight. When I tried to switch from the Library Module to the Develop Module I kept getting an error message and couldn't get in. So in order to keep up with my dailies I decided to post a random photo from my iPad. This one is sort of interesting. It is my living room, but those photos are NOT on the wall! This is from an iPad app called "Preveal". It is really cool. You pic out a template for a wall arrangement or size of an individual image so you can see what it would look like on your wall. After taking an iPad photo of your wall with a simple piece of white paper taped to the wall (standard letter size) you can line up the app template with the piece of paper and then with whatever arrangement you choose you can drag in photos from your library to see how they would look. This is a screen shot I had saved on my iPad of what these photos would look like as enlargements in these sizes on my wall. It is great for pro photographers who want to show clients exactly how photos they have taken will look on their walls. After years and years of kid school portrait packages most people think that 8x10s are large images!!!  it's not grade school any more!!!  Anyway, thought if you had not seen something like this that it would be interesting..and they are images from Cuba..the smaller one on the right of the silhouetted couple was a taken in Argentina and believe me, I wish that I had gotten it much larger! If I had only known then what I know now!

Thank you all for your very nice comments on my "F" from yesterday. You are all very kind to take time for me. It has been a busy return from our vacation..I hope that I will have some time on Wed afternoon to browse the Dailies after my work! Thank you so much!
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