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Daily Post 1166-  132/365   5/12/2014 - A new musician to follow and add to my portfolio, but with a special connection.<br />
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This is Michael G. Ronstadt. As a native of Tucson, AZ,  whenever I see the name Ronstadt I immediately think of the Tucson Ronstadt family.   Just by chance this weekend I saw Michael's name on a list posted by a local music promoter and saw that he would be playing in a free concert in Philly at the Delaware River music stage at Penn's Landing. Steve and I drove down to Philly to see him play and look forward to seeing him this summer when his Dad and brother join him in our area for a summer concert tour. They perform as "Ronstadt Generations"… (Yes, Linda Ronstadt is his Dad's sister…all from Tucson!) <br />
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If you'd like to hear them, here are some links! I'm so impressed!!! <br />
<br />
MIchael sent me these links today in reply to an email I sent him. I can't wait to see them perform in person! <br />
<br />
The Mill Of Oracle - <a href=""></a><br />
Lulo Que Lulo / Wagon Mound - <a href=""></a><br />
Prelude To A High Life - <a href=""></a><br />
Ice Man Blues - <a href=""></a><br />
Who's Gonna Shoe / Banjo Pickin' - <a href=""></a><br />
Come In My Kitchen - <a href=""></a><br />
Cancion Mixteca - <a href=""></a><br />
Take My Words - <a href=""></a><br />
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Thank you for the VERY generous comments on my "Q".. I had taken the photo Saturday night when thinking about the next day's challenge that my big mug would work. I loved the suggestion about having some coffee in it to take the picture. That would have been a much better "Q" I think I will do it that way, too, and add to my alphabet gallery! Thanks for the suggestion!
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