Photos by Hillary
<font size="4"><b><font color="Yellow">Daily Post 1091 - 56/365  2/25/2014 - Meet Carmen with her little pup Chanel 

This is Carmen at here home in Trinidad, Cuba. She was so very friendly and loved showing off her sweet little dachshund Chanel and the tricks Chanel could do. She welcomed us in to see her home. Very modest…buildings around her typical of many buildings and homes in Cuba. She had me write down her address and asked that I write to her. I learned from the first trip that you can't expect to write to Cuba and get mail delivered. It just won't happen. I do still have her address, though, maybe one day it will be able to go through.

Thank you for your comments on my photo of the fellow with his lizard or iguana..whatever it was. No Harsh… I did no choose to touch it or hold it myself! I'm a little brave, but not that brave!
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