Photos by Hillary
Daily Post 1152-  118/365   4/28/2014 -Raul Malo performing at The Mayo Center for Performing Arts last August in Morristown, New Jersey with The Mavericks.

I might as well warn you that I will be probably be posting a few more photos from Mavericks concerts for awhile as I really have to whittle down some of the photo folders I have. We have tickets for a number of Mavericks concerts over the next few months and I know I take way too many pictures at these concerts so better cull out and edit what I want to keep now or I'll never do it. It is so much fun to work on these low light shots in Lightroom and continually be amazed by what looks sort of "Meh" become "Oh my"…I do have fun sorting through the photos..guess that's part of why I take so many. Thank you for indulging me! Raul is an amazingly talented singer/songwriter and musician..I love the my photography has made me known to him…I really appreciate that I have that connection now. <font color="green">**update on Hersy's suggestion below. I did crop the image. I appreciate his thoughts. Looks better!</font>

Thank you all so much for your wonderful compliments on my Alphabet Challenge Donut "O" submission. There were so many wonderful choices posted. I don't have a "P" yet so I will be keeping my eyes open this week!
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