Photos by Hillary
<font size="4"><b><font color="Yellow">Daily Post 1129-  95/365   4/5/2014 - Robert Earl of the members of the band The Mavericks (That band you know I love to photograph!)… 

Robert is one of the original members as is Raul Malo who I've posted photos of here before. I've been continuing my work on culling and editing old photos and though this was already one that was a picked image I did a little tweaking tonight and thought I would share the photo. I have a hard time getting good photographs of Robert when they perform as he loves to wear hats and often with wider brims than this one so it is hard to get photos that show his eyes…and you have to see his eyes!!! 

This photo was taken at the CD Release Party at The City Winery in NYC 2/27/13 for "In TIme"..the first CD released by The Mavericks in 10 years. The album is outstanding and they have had fabulous success as they continue on the road on their #25Live Tour celebrating 25 years as a band. 

Thank you all for your comments on yesterday's car from Havana.. I still have more, but thought I would shake it up a bit (very little bit) by posting another Mavericks band member! Looking forward to tomorrow's alphabet challenge and seeing what you all come up with! There are some very challenging letters ahead!
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