<font size="3"><font color="Yellow">Post 1043  8/365 1/8/2014  A smile to remember. 

I photographed this fellow Tomas the first time on my first trip to Cuba November 2012. It was late in the afternoon and the light was getting low so that shot looked better converted to black and white. When I knew I was going to return to Havana again in June I made prints of many of the shots of people that I had taken on the first trip just in case I would see them again. What a fun surprise on this afternoon i June whent I saw this fellow just coming out of his doorway carrying that guitar just  like he had in November before. This time we had a chance to chat a little, I learned his name as Tomas and I was able to give him a print of the photo I had taken months before. 

 Here is the photo that I printed and was able to give him a copy of from the first trip.  <a href="http://www.photosbyhillary.com/Travel/Cuba/Havana-2012/28093006_rsWKgN#!i=2376947554&k=ZZ9ftmW&lb=1&s=A">Tomas</a>
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