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<font size="4"><b><font color="Yellow">Daily Post 1103 -  68/365   3/09/2014 - Alphabet Challenge "G"

This was a tough one…very tough for me and I admit to a little cheat (sorry!)… I saw my headphones on the table and could 'see' where there 'could be' a G in their shape.  I put them on the floor to photograph them and did a bit of tweaking to the ear pads to make the "G".  I hope I don't get 'kicked out' of the dailies for tampering!!!  :)

Thank you for your wonderfully kind comments on my Havana old car posted very late last night.  I took so many pictures of the cars..they were addicting..I would just stand on the sidewalk and watch or photograph them one after another. I couldn't get enough and sadly my photos don't really do justice to how I felt seeing them in person. I'm really enjoying going through my files one by one for the dailies..I feel I'm finally making a dent in reviewing the photos from the trips to Cuba..still many to go and will probably continue to post them to the dailies as it is also a back up for me to have them on SmugMug…one of these days I'll finally have the massive amount of them scaled down enough to create their own galleries on SmugMug to save them. Thank you so very much for your time and thoughtful comments. Have a wonderful day!!!
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