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<font color="Yellow">Post 1036 1/365 1/1/14 -- Welcome to a New Start - As with everyone, the New Year brings thoughts of, "What can I do to improve from last year?"  This photo is symbolic in a couple of ways I hope to improve upon last year. 

As my first shot of 2014  I am going to make an effort to post to the SmugMug Daily Photo Community each day…not necessarily with new pictures shot that day, but with an image that may have been sitting in the computer or external drive waiting to be processed, but that I never got around to working on.  I have a LOT of those! It is also a photo representing and effort that Steve and I are taking to make sure we eat a much higher percentage of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. That is all veggies in there.  In this picture the container holds almond milk, steamed cauliflower, some red pepper, a bit of fresh jalopeño and raw spinach.. Seasoned with a little salt, pepper, & bouillon it made an amazing thick hot soup that was my lunch today! Yum..the Vita Mix is new and it is incredible what it does…just learning, but loving it so far! 

I posted one photo last night and that was the ONLY one I posted to The Dailies for all of 2013.. Thank you so much to those of you who commented and welcomed me back so warmly. I love SmugMug and have missed the dailies. ..I often sa, "SmugMug changed my life" really did. Not only the growth in my photography since I first posted to the Dailies in 2007, but the amazing growth in a world-wide community of friends. It was through SmugMug that I became a co-leader for our PhillySMUG…which has since evolved to PhillyPAC (Photographers Adventure Club) My husband Steve and I feel as fortunate as can be that our world is so full through the many opportunities photography has offered to both of us. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with the 'old gang' and meeting new member of this community. I will do my best to browse and comment, but I know ahead of time that it will not be possible to do it as much as I would like… Happy New Year again to you all and thank you for your warm welcome back! xoxo ~Hillary
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