<font size="4"><b><font color="Yellow">Daily Post 1136-  102/365   4/12/2014 - Streetside Business… not quite drive-by. 

I enjoyed seeing so many thoughtful comments the other day of the fellow sitting in his small car doing business with a typewriter on his lap. This was another view of business in Cuba that this woman conducted at the end of a small driveway between large houses. I have no idea what the nature of their transaction was, but you can certainly put your imagination to work as to what documentation she might be making for this customer…looks like serious business.

Thank you to Judy Horton for her suggestion to crop yesterday's street scene. I posted this link yesterday to a newer version in case you are interested to see it:
**Judy Horton (fotoeffects) Suggested a tighter crop so I did take her advice and it's posted here along with the original photo next to it. Good suggestion! I appreciate when any of you offer your ideas! Thanks! 
<a href="!i=3174194938&k=h9W6bzm">Cropped Version</a>
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