Photos by Hillary
<font size="4"><b><font color="Yellow">Daily Post 1118-  84/365   3/25/2014 Liuba, Lorenzo and ME! Photo taken by my husband, Steve! 

Breaking with my usual routine, i am actually posting a photo not taken by me as a follow up to yesterday's post as I felt this was also fun to share. This is the couple I was able to revisit and give them photos from the trip the 6 months earlier. I usually am pretty selective in posting photos of myself (hey, we all want to show our best face, right?)…but this one really captured the fun we had remeeting and also you can see how VERY hot, sweaty and icky that heat was! Man it was hot to be in Havana in the summer. Their apartment was a small space on the second floor of a building..the background story to getting to their apartment is its own adventure. The building is one that in our country would probably be condemned and no one would be allowed to live there. At one point the floor was going (2 flights down) and you had to walk a plank of wood that was suspended about 10feet across an open area..hard to explain, but the inside of the building had a lot of outside showing!!! It is a very tough life for them, but they take what they have and make the most of it!
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