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<font size="4"><font color="Yellow">Post 1047   12/365 1/12/2014 - A moment to share ice cream in the heat of the day with this fellow…

This fellow was selling green beans in the shade on the sidewalk in a small town called Guanacoboa in Cuba.... His face was  full of the character only seen in someone who has had  long hard life  and was one that I was interested in photographing..I knew Steve was buying some ice cream cones and asked him to get an extra for this guy. When I offered chocolate or strawberry he was very clear that he did not want chocolate.. (How can that be, but yes, he did not want chocolate!)..He was gracious to allow me to photograph him and besides a little money I was glad we could give him a cool treat, too.

<i><font color="81BEF7"> Thank you all so very, very much for your kind and thoughtful remarks about my Cuba series. Getting back to The Dailies with these images is really helping me more methodically go one by one through my files. It is strange, but when I first came back from the trip last June I was very disappointed in my pictures. Someone who had been with my group in the November 2012 trip had mentioned that he needed to let his photos sit for months before going through them to really 'see' them.. I'm actually grateful that I did let time go by as I can appreciate the individual moments better now and am enjoying the pictures more. I think when it's too close to the time of the experience that your images can't really reach the height of excitement that you have while you are there. I do have many image files to discard…that's for sure, but I have more that I want to keep then I thought I would when I first looked at them. Thank you all so much for sharing this process with me.
For those of you who travel… do you sometimes feel this way when you get home? Feel that your pictures are not up to the experience, but they get better as time passes? I'm curious what you feel about this subject! 

Have a good week everyone! ~Hillary
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