Photos by Hillary
<font size="4"><b><font color="Yellow">Daily Post 1117-  83/365   3/24/2014 - Liuba and Lorenzo / Havana, Cuba

I can't believe I almost forgot to post a daily tonight (er, uh, this morning?'s almost 12:30am EST) .. Anyway, this is a couple I met on my first trip and I knew I would remember where their apartment was since it was near a big square and up on a second floor. I did find them and this is a picture of them with the photo of them from the first trip..I brought them a couple of prints. They were so excited to get the prints. I couldn't have been more delighted..maybe I'll post the picture of me with them tomorrow that Steve took of us. It was so great to introduce Steve to people I met on my first trip when he came with me on the second one. They were so great…I was almost embarrassed how excited they were by my visit! By the way, this room was their whole apartment. There was a mattress leaning against the wall to the right of where I was standing to take this picture and I was standing at the window looking over the street.
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