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Daily Post 1147-  113/365   4/23/2014 - Shoe Repair shop…wonderful follow-up story to this photo! 

This photo was taken during the November 2012 trip to Havana. A few of us stopped into this shop to watch these men work on repairing shoes. They were very friendly and welcomed me to take photos of them. If you notice, there are wonderful caricature drawings at each of their stations. We said our good-byes (all in Spanish) and as we were leaving a gentleman came in and it turns out that he was the artist who drew all of those images for the gentlemen working. This fellow named Enrique spoke a little English and agreed to let me photograph him, too, outside the shop. He happend to write a blog and have an email address so I got his name and the website of his blog and told him I would send him the photos..which when I got home I did, but very low res due to the slowness of Cuban computers.  He got them and said thank you.. etc..and that was that. 

Now fast forward to the trip I took June 2103 with Steve and as I've mentioned before I brought a number of prints of people I had photographed to hopefully give them the photos. INcluded were 5x7 prints of these people working in the shoe repair shop.  Sadly our guide didn't remember exactly where this shop was so the week that we were with the tour I couldn't find this shop. When our week ended with the tour group Steve and I stayed in Cuba an additional 9 days and traveled a little outside of Havana on our own then returned to Havana. 

When we came back to Havana one of our goals was to find the home of the Grandmother of a friend I have on FB who is from Cuba and left in the early 60s. We had a map and rambled on various streets on the way to find my friend's grandmother's house to photograph the front porch for her.. Walking down one street I noticed a sign that was for a little daily or weekly paper and saw the word in Spanish "Humoristica".. I realized that if they had comics or caricatures maybe they knew of that fellow I had met months before. I asked Steve to wait up a bit for me to check it out…lo and behold….my friend Enrique the caricature artist worked there!!! He was not in that day, but I was able to leave the photos with them at the office and they let me know that he would be participating in a class teaching caricature art to children the next day and so we went there the next day and saw him!!! It was amazing that our paths crossed again that way. He happens to be on Facebook so we are still in contact with each other. One of my most favorite little stories from our trip..but I have a couple more that I can share!  Isn't his art fun???

Here is a link to Enrique and the fellows working in the shop: <a href="!i=3199395382&k=dvQHJNP">Shoe Repair</a> If you haven't seen it before there is also a short video you might like of the cars passing through and intersection in Havana. Just click forward through the pictures to see it. Thanks always for your time and interest…it means a lot to me and greatly appreciated.
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