Photos by Hillary
<font size="4"><b><font color="Yellow">Daily Post 1116-  82/365   3/23/2014 - Weeky Alphabet Challenge Letter "J"

This was piping flipped upside down, but hey…whatever it takes, right? 

Thank you so much for your comments on yesterday's post of Daniel with his drawing of his Grandparent's home. I do wish he had been home when I brought him the print, but in any case, I was very happy to find the house again and drop it off. I have a few other photos I will share with you that are of me with some of the people I brought photos, to. It was amazing that I was able to find a bunch of people like I did…One of them was an amazing coincidence that I was able to get the photos to him and for him to give a few other prints to a few people he knew, but I couldn't find! More on that to come!!! Thank you so very, very much for your continued and consistent kind encourgement to this series!
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