Post 1062 27/365 1/27/2014 - Explaining the links in our family tree to a younger generation. <br />
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We visited this family in Baltimore yesterday.. The woman at the back is a cousin to Steve on a different branch of the family tree. She grew up in Israel..her family did not know of the rest of the family from Steve's side in the US, but from an initial research Steve did in 1978 to help with another family member only a couple of months ago the Israeli branch now knows of an extended family of over 700. Sure, many are quite distant, but when you thought you lost all connection this was an amazing find. I'm so proud of Steve's curiosity in 1978 to gather information, that would have been lost if not recorded then, that laid the groundwork after all these years to make the connection.<br />
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Thank you for your many comments on my "B" post yesterday. Greatly appreciated. I'm very sorry that the business of my life this week will keep me from much browsing unless I get some down time at work. Have a great week everyone!
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