Photos by Hillary
<font size="4"><b><font color="Yellow">Daily Post 1095- 60/365  3/01/2014 - Bus Driver spiffing up for the ride! 

This was our bus driver for the bus trip from Trinidad, Cuba to Veradero on a VERY rainy day.. I was tickled to be able to photograph his reflection here in the mirror as he put on a fresh shirt and straightened his tie to get ready for the trip..

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! What wonderful and very kind words by so many of you on my photo of Maria yesterday in her kitchen and really on all of my recent Cuba images. I really appreciate your supportive comments so much. I wanted to let you know what I found out about entering some of the people images to a competition I'm interested in entering. It turns out that I CAN enter without a 'model release' and  the photos will not be disqualified as what the administrators of the competition are concerned that in some countries there are laws regarding photographing people in public, France. But especially since this is for exposition and not commercial and Cuba and not some other countries they didn't think there was any conflict..sooooo, I guess I'll give it a try. I just have to give myself a kick to have the confidence to really do it. I'll keep you posted! Thank you for your truly is wonderful to receive your supportive thoughts!
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