Photos by Hillary
<font size="4"><b><font color="Yellow">Daily Post 1097- 62/365  3/03/2014 - Lady in the Doorway / Trinidad, Cuba

LIfe is quiet and very small in Cuba. So many people sit in their doorways or at their open windows.. Often alone, but often chatting with others. Their inside lighting at night is very low..maybe a television flickering away with the family group in a smalll room watching. With the heat of summer (and maybe all year 'round) their doors and windows appear to be more open than not.  This scene was quite typical. 

Thank you so much for your kind comments an indulgence as I continue to slowly sort through my Cuba images. It is good for me to isolate images finally to help me decide which ones I will enter into competition. Your thoughts really help me see them in different ways, too. Thank you all… I am glad also to finally upload a bunch to SmugMug for safe keeping as I have also keep the files on all my memory cards intact until I decide what I'm keeping and what I'm getting rid of just as back up..that's a lot of memory cards sitting around in a baggie! :)

Thanks, too, for your wonderful reception to my "D" yesterday. I was so impressed with all the "G"s you posted..I couldn't begin to see one, then all of a sudden I did see a "G" yesterday so now I'm looking forward to posting next Sunday to show off mine..  Have a good week everyone!
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