<font size="4"><b><font color="Yellow">Post 1076   41/365  2/10/2014 - What to do when an inebriated fan wants to come up on stage and give you a hug?….You give her a hug and get it over with…. That was what  Raul Malo quickly decided was best  at the show we saw Friday night at The New Hope Winery in New Hope, PA. This young lady  had been talking during the show while he was singing and then approached him up on the stage. Raul handled the situation with charm and grace and then her boyfriend managed to get her off the stage and far away so she did not bother anyone again during the show! 

It isn't the sharpest image, but his expression said it all.. 

Thanks all for your comments on my "i" for the alphabet challenge.. I loved seeing what many of you came up with, too. Fun project, but I need to hunt down more letters!
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