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<font size="4"><b><font color="Yellow">Post 1053  18/365 1/18/2014 -"Streetmachine"… That's the name on the side of the car and how appropriate. Many of you have commented on the cars…this is just a taste of the amazing display of big old American cars on the streets of Cuba…it is nothing short of miraculous how they keep these cars going. As you can see, this is a taxi. Most all of the old cars are used as taxis in Cuba. The are not all in top notch condition like this one, but many are. Driving a taxi, now that tourists are allowed to take these taxis, is a great source of income for Cubans. Cubans have an abundance of finely trained physicians, but with a salary of the equivalent of $30/month there are a number of doctors who drive taxis for income rather than practice medicine..they can earn a great deal more driving a taxi.

Another thought about these cars in Cuba.. The Cubans do not have permission or a way to sell their cars to foreigners. Can you imagine if one day the embargo is lifted and there is some sort of economic relationship restored between the US and Cuba what these cars would sell for?!  There was a beautiful red and white Edsel we saw one day …it was all original parts. Worth a small fortune I bet, especially when in Cuban money the eqivalent of $30 is a month's salary! I'll post a photo of that car, too, when I get to it. 

Now that I am featuring one of these cars here again is the link to a little video of cars going down the street. I posted it in the caption of the last two dailies, but if you missed it and are interested you can see it here:<a href="!i=3025641671&k=PkmxZ5Z">Old Cars in Havana</a>
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