Photos by Hillary
Daily Post 1161-  127/365   5/7/2014 - Seth Walker at Opening the show at The House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ for The Mavericks April 2013.<br />
<br />
Slowly I'm tackling all the photos from this show in Atlantic City. It is really a struggle as the light was so tough. I know I have complained about it already, but it is frustrating. It is not only that the light was so low and I had to use such a high ISO while shooting, but the angle of the lights gave really tough shadows  and hot spots to deal with that it is frustrating to find photos I really feel are worth saving. That being said I'm very grateful I'm not in the darkroom with an enlarger working to dodge and burn! This is a very different medium..that's for sure. <br />
<br />
On the happier side, our younger son surprised me with an early Mother's Day gift of 3 months of Premium Spotify and I'm listening to some great music while sitting here editing! What a fun technology this is!!! Great gift!
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